Supplier Expectations


  • Act ethically and professionally at all times


  • Have a thorough, factual knowledge of the products/services which you sell/represent.  Know your product limitations as well as their applications.


  • Keep your appointments or contact purchasing personnel about delays.


  • Work with the appropriate purchasing representative.


  • This is a partnership.  Maintain open, two-way communications to resolve problems.  Keep us informed of changes in materials, processes or methods used for any supplied product/service prior to delivery.


  • Report any damages or problems with delivery, invoicing, pricing, etc. directly to the departments which they effect.


  • Deliver only what is ordered, on time and to the right specifications.


  • Committed to Continuous Improvements and Just-In-Time principals to drive cost, quality and delivery improvements.


  • Accept purchasing commitments only from purchasing personnel and honor your commitments.



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