Flexfab’s Quality Policy   



  • We believe that everything we do must be of high quality
    • Internal Failures – our goal is to reduce internal failures annually
    • PPM – our goal is to be a Six Sigma company
    • Customer Satisfaction – Our goal is to reduce external failures annually


  • Customers orders must be serviced promptly and accurately
    • On Time Delivery – our goal is 100% on time delivery

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

  • We must constantly strive to reduce costs and increase productivity by improving our manufacturing and business processes.  Lean Manufacturing events, Six Sigma projects and Continuous Improvement projects will be used to realize the improvements.

Supplier Development

  • We must work with our suppliers to reduce cost improve quality and improve delivery.
    • Quality systems – suppliers systems shall meet the ISO 9001 requirements
    • On Time Delivery – the goal is 100% on time delivery
    • Quality – the goal is 100% quality of materials received


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