Flexfab’s Environmental Policy


We believe that we must be committed to protecting our environment.

The following environmental principles provide guidance to all personnel in the conduct of their daily business practices:


Preserving the Environment.

  • We are committed to actions to preserve the environment, and we will be responsible stewards of natural resources.

Prevention of Pollution.

  • We are committed to reducing waste and pollutants, conserving resources and recycling materials whenever feasible.

Legal and other Requirements.

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements will be the minimum standard by which we rate our performance.

Continual Improvement.

  • We will periodically assess the impact of our facilities and products on the environment and the community in which we live and operate with a goal of continual improvement.


  • We will maintain good communications with our local community on environmental issues and cooperate with regulators and other organizations with an interest in our environmental performance.

Environmental Management System (EMS).

  • We will maintain an Environmental Management System to address environmental issues in all areas of the facilities and ensure that all employees are aware of of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with this policy.  We will provide environmental information and training to encourage individuals to contribute effectively. The environmental objectives and targets will be reviewed periodically by upper management to assess progress toward continual improvement.


Matt DeCamp
President & CEO



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