Passenger Rail/Locomotive

Flexfab is your one-stop source for durable, lightweight HVAC components for the passenger railcar industry, and components for both diesel and electric powered locomotives.  We offer a full line of standard and customer specific flexible hoses and sleeves.  Our assemblies save installation time, weight and component count by integrating your rigid and flexible needs into a single component solution.  We can meet your low and high pressure demands with unlimited size and configuration options to satisfy any custom requirement.  View our video here


Charge air turbo assembly

Locomotive Assemblies

Flexfab’s locomotive assemblies include:


T's and Y's for drain connections

Passenger Rail Water Drain

Flexible, vacuum resistant connectors for waste pressurization systems.


components for locomotive and rail engines

Locomotive Engine Components

Flexfab offers standard and custom components for locomotive engines.

flexible hose for HVAC systems
Custom sleeves for rail and locomotive applications

Locomotive Sleeves & Connectors

Flexible solutions for engine connections.  Well suited for extreme environments where dependability and durability are a must.



Traction motor duct for locomotive applications

Passenger Rail Traction Motor Ducts

Our traction motor duct is capable of withstanding harsh exterior environments on the underside of rolling stock.  Available in any diameter and length configuration; and custom designs for individual offset and extension requirements.