Heavy Duty Truck/Off Road

Flexfab is a preferred supplier of silicone and other advanced elastomeric products to the Heavy Duty Truck and Off Road Equipment industries.  Original Equipment Manufacturers rely on our engineering and design capabilities to solve even the most complex design challenges.


extruded blue and green heater hose
3-ply and 4-ply coolant hose
Charge air connectors for use in extreme environments
Complete silicone hose - pipe - hose assembly

Crimped Assembly

Our crimped assembly includes complete silicone hose / pipe / hose unit, ready for assembly onto the engine.  Custom designed for your application

EGR Hose

EGR Hose

EGR sensor hose are fluorocarbon-lined silicone exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sleeves custom designed for EGR gas delivery.

Sleeves and connectors for turbocharger connections

Silicone Sleeves & Connectors

Flexfab’s silicone sleeves and connectors are used for Turbocharger connections on stationary equipment and on smaller engines; best suited for Construction and Agriculture applications that are less prone to offset and vibration where a bellows is needed.

hose clamping instructions

Clamping Instructions

A critical part of the sealing/clamping process is the proper position of the clamp onto the hose.


Follow your clamp supplier’s torque recommendations for proper sealing

Formed heater hose for automotive and truck applications

Formed Silicone Coolant Hose

Flexfab’s formed silicone hose are custom designed and manufactured for coolant transfer.


They are manufactured in fixed shapes for runs through specific paths on and around the engine.