Flexfab is a preferred supplier of silicone and other advanced elastomeric products to the automotive industry.  Original Equipment Manufacturers rely on our engineering and design capabilities to solve even the most complex design challenges.


Automotive charge air hose and connectors

Charge Air

Charge Air products are ideal for hostile engine environments where high performance is a must.

Automotive battery coolant hose for hybrid and electric vehicles

Battery Coolant Hose (Hybrid & Electric Vehicles)

Battery coolant hose are custom designed for your hybrid and electric vehicle applications.  These high performance hoses are ideal for liquid cooling systems.




Silicone coolant hose for the auto industry

Coolant Hose

  • Straight coolant hose
  • Formed coolant hose

Heater Hose

  • Bulk extruded heater hose
Crimped assemblies for automotive applications

Crimped Assemblies

Custom designed for your application, pre-assembled hose/pipe/hose configuration ready to install under the hood.

Automotive exhaust gas recirculation hose (EGR Hose)

EGR Hoses

Our EGR hoses are fluorocarbon-lined silicone.  These exhaust gas recirculation sleeves are custom designed for EGR gas delivery.


Custom crimped and clamped assemblies for automotive applications

Custom Assemblies

Flexfab will custom design automotive assemblies for your application.  CAC assemblies can incorporate attached clamps, resonators, brackets, thermal protection, abrasion protection, or any other add-on necessary.