Flexfab is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of ducts, connectors and hoses for the aviation industry.  Our engineering expertise and design capability, coupled with our extensive knowledge of materials has earned us the confidence and respect of industry professionals worldwide.  Rely on us for the highest quality on-board components.  View our Aerospace Video Here


lightweight low pressure hose and ducting

Lightweight Low Pressure Ducting

Flexfab’s lightweight low pressure ducting is ideal for use in environmental control systems (ECS) and other weight critical uses.

Manifold, elbow, RTL, silicone, Flex-N-Cuff, lip seal, quick connect, high temperature

Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Duct

Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminate (RTL) provides duct solutions with the benefits of recyclable, durable thermoplastics and strength to weight benefits of composites.

T's and Y's for drain connections

Water System

Our water systems incorporate flexible, vacuum resistant connectors for waste pressurization systems including drains, shrouds and vacuum waste connectors.


Aircraft oil cooling duct

Power & Propulsion

Flexfab has a full range of fire resistant and fire proof solutions for your power and propulsion needs designed to AC20-135/ISO2685

  • Inlet seals & joints
  • Firewall seals & bellows
  • Oil cooling ducts


vents and shrouds for aerospace fuel systems

Fuel System

Whether you need a fuel resistant connection in your fuel vent system or a high temperature shroud over your fuel lines, Flexfab has a solution for you

  • Fuel system vents
  • Fuel system shrouds
Aircraft inlet seals and bellows


Flexfab can solve your aircraft seal needs with our kiss-seals, gaskets and compartment penetration seals..